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Recognition of outstanding scientific research and technological innovation is one of the most important activities within AVS. Through our prestigious award program, the Society seeks to honor a wide range of extraordinary accomplishments vital to progress in fields of interest to AVS. Selection for an AVS award is a reflection of contributions judged exceptional by the AVS Trustees who are elected by the AVS membership.

Awards given by AVS are offered to recognize outstanding individual accomplishments in the fields of interest to the Society. All AVS awards may be presented annually with the exception of the Gaede-Langmuir Award and the John A. Thornton Award, which are biennial: the Gaede-Langmuir Award in even-numbered years and the John A. Thornton Award in odd-numbered years.

Nominations for AVS Awards are reviewed each year by the AVS Awards Committee, which recommends awardees to the Board of Directors. In the event that an insufficient number of nominations has been received for a particular award, the Committee may elect to make no recommendation. All AVS awards are made without regard to race, sex, or nationality, with the exception of the Nellie Yeoh Whetten Award, which is gender-based.
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For the benefit of potential candidates, information is also provided on the Welch Foundation Scholarship of the International Union of Vacuum Science, Technique and Applications (IUVSTA), which is administered by AVS.

Procedures and Forms:

Professional Awards (Due 3/31):
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George T. Hanyo Award (Due 3/31):
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Fellow (Due 3/31):
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Theodore E. Madey Award (Due 2/4/15):
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National Student Awards (Due 5/4):
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"Feeling connected to the larger scientific community is very important. An award is the nicest kind of connection, saying that your work is appreciated by your peers."

Dr. Jerry Tersoff, IBM T.J. ,

Watson Research Center

[on receiving the 2007 AVS Medard W. Welch Award]

The Forty Year Club

Over the years, AVS has recognized 40-year members of the Society at the Awards Assembly held at the International Symposium and Exhibition.The Forty-Year Club consists of current AVS members who have been active in the Society for 40 years or more. AVS would like to continue to recognize these members; however, to ensure that we capture all members from 1974 we ask that you please notify the AVS office if you or someone you know is eligible for 40-year status. Please contact Angela Klink at 212-248-0200 x221, FAX: 212-248-0245 or

Graduate Student Scholarship Awards Fund

We have formed a Graduate Student Scholarship Awards Fund to allow interested donors to contribute $500 or more toward a Graduate Research Award (GRA) or to fund an additional GRA on a one-time or on-going basis. We welcome your contributions to support outstanding graduate students in fields of interest to the society.

Remember beginning in 2010, students may apply for a National Student Award (Graduate Research Award/Top Level Award) and one Division/Group Award in a given year.