Making a Difference in the Science and Technology Community

The AVS is a volunteer-driven organization. If you are looking for opportunities to make a difference in the science and technology community, then please consider getting involved in the numerous activities within the AVS. Contact anyone on the roster and ask how you can get involved.

Officers of the Society
The Officers of the Society are the President, President-Elect, Treasurer, and the Clerk. All Officers are elected by the AVS membership for a term of one year.

Past Presidents

There are six Directors elected by the AVS membership, each serving for a term of two years. The government of the Society rests in the Board of Directors, which is comprised of the six Directors, the four Officers, and the Immediate Past-President.

The Scholarship and Awards Committee consists of six members of the Society known as Trustees. Trustees are elected by the AVS membership and are entrusted with the process and recipient selection of all Society scholarships and awards.

All AVS activities are anchored by an outstanding professional staff located in the AVS National Office in Manhattan, New York, in our AVS West Office in Santa Clara, California and the JVST Editorial Office in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. The Staff executes the administrative affairs of the Society under the direction of the President.

Standing Committees
Standing Committees are responsible for the core activities in AVS. Chairs for these committees are appointed annually by the President, subject to approval by the Board of Directors. With the exception of the Scholarships and Awards Committee, Chairs may make additional appointments to their committee.


Special Committees and Society Representatives
Special Committees and representations to other organizations are created by the President as needed. The Chair of a Special Committee, appointed by the President, may appoint additional members. In addition to numerous Special Committees, the AVS appoints or supports Society representatives for IUVSTA, AIP Special Committees, the AIP Governing Board, and the AVS Journal Editors.

Divisions and Technical Groups
Divisions and Technical Groups provide a focus on specific technical topics of interest to the AVS through the organization of symposia, topical conferences, and workshops. Division Chairs  are elected by the membership of that Division; Technical Group Chairs are elected by the Executive Committee of that Group.

Regional Chapters serve the needs of a local area through the organization and participation in regional dinner meetings, conferences, workshops, tours, educational outreach, and more. Chapter Chairs are elected by the members of the Chapter.

Student Chapters
The AVS has recently created Student Chapters tailored to the needs of university students looking for opportunities for career and professional development. Learn how to start a chapter at your university today!

Additional Information on AVS governance may be found in the AVS Standard Policy and Procedures Manual and in the AVS Constitution and By-Laws.