AVS Historical Interviews

In 1990 the AVS History Committee initiated an ongoing process of taping video interviews of prominent persons associated in various ways with AVS.

Persons interviewed included those who had been active in the founding of the Society and in its administration, people involved in the development of vacuum and technologies of interest to AVS Divisions, and winners of AVS Awards. From 1990 to 2003, about 70 video-taped interviews were organized and conducted by James Lafferty. These videos have recently been re-recorded on DVDs and will be available for purchase.

In 2004, Paul Holloway took over responsibility for the interview program. He conducted interviews with the winners of the major AVS Awards in 2004 (video) and 2005 (audio).
To make these interviews accessible to members, AVS and AIP are cooperating in preparing transcripts of these interviews. AIP already has an extensive program of oral history interviews with important physicists (www.aip.org). The AVS interview transcripts will be made available on the AVS web site (www.avs.org) as they become available.

AVS Awardees

Interviews with individuals who have received one of the Society's major awards.

AVS Historical Persons

Interviews with individuals involved in AVS activities throughout its history, including founder members, Presidents and technology leaders.