Roster | Ivan Petrov

Ivan Petrov

Immediate Past President - (2015)
University of Illinois
104 South Goodwin Avenue
Urbana, IL 61801
Tel: 617-717-4731
IVAN PETROV is a Principal Research Scientist at the Frederick Seitz Materials Research Laboratory, an Adjunct Professor of Materials Science, and 1998-2010 Director of the Center for Microanalysis of Materials at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He has appointments as Professor of Physics at Link√∂ping University, Sweden and as Visiting Professor of Surface Engineering at Sheffield Hallam University, U.K (2000-2012). Ivan earned his Ph.D. in physics from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and received the Doctor Honoris Causa Degree from Link√∂ping University, Sweden. His research interests include nanostructural and nanochemical analyses, thin film physics, and surface science. Ivan conducted the first systematic study of the effects of ion/metal flux ratio and ion energy on microstructure evolution in hard coatings, employing a combination of analytical techniques. He was a co-principal investigator in the DOE Transmission Electron Aberration-corrected Microscope (TEAM) project which achieved 50 pm resolution. He has published 250+ refereed papers cited over 5000 times. His review article on microstructural evolution of thin films is among the top 5 most cited in JVSTA. Ivan is an Associate Editor of Surface Science Spectra and Editor of the international journal Surface and Coatings Technology. Ivan has been selected to receive the 2013 John A. Thornton Memorial Award & Lecture “for his seminal contributions in determining the role of low-energy ion/surface interactions for controlling microstructure evolution during low temperature growth of transition-metal nitride layers.” He is a Fellow of the AVS and received the 2009 Bunshah Award and Honorary Lecture from the Advanced Surface Engineering Division (ASED. He also received the 1996 DOE award for Sustained Outstanding Research for contribution to the area of new metastable nitride-based ceramic alloys, superlattices, and multilayers with enhanced properties and the 2009 R&D100 award as a co-inventor of the TEAM electron microscopy stage.  Ivan has been active in the AVS since 1989. He currently serves as the Chair of the Publication Committee at a time of major changes for all AVS journals: transition to new JVST and SSS pricing strategy, new publishing partner for Biointerphases and bringing Surface Science Spectra schedule up-to-date. Ivan was elected to the Board of Directors (2007-09) and as the ASED Chair in 2001. He served as Chair of the Governance Committee and the Constitution and By-Laws Committee 2003-09, during which time the AVS, Division and Chapter by-laws were updated and standardized. He has been a program committee member for many years at both the AVS International Symposium and ICMCTF, serving as ICMCTF Program and General Chair. In 2007, he initiated a Topical Conference on In-situ Electron Microscopy which had significant industrial sponsorship at the International Symposium. Ivan chaired the 25th Annual AVS Symposium on Applied Surface Analysis in Urbana. He helped establish the University of Illinois AVS Student Chapter.

Ivan is an IUVSTA Trustee and Publication Committee Chair. He is ASED representative to IUVSTA and was elected as the 2008-13 Chair of the IUVSTA Surface Engineering Division (SED). He organized several IUVSTA workshops and served as the SED Program Chair for the International Vacuum Congresses in Beijing, 2010 and Paris, 2013.