Roster | Peter Sheldon

Peter Sheldon

Immediate Past President (2019)
Center Director, Research Operations
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
15013 Denver West Parkway
Golden, CO 80401
Tel: 303-384-6533
E-mail: peter_sheldon @
PETER SHELDON is the Director of Research Operations for the Materials and Chemical Science & Technology Directorate at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in Golden, CO. Previously, he served as Deputy Director of the National Center for Photovoltaics (NCPV). The NCPV is the nation’s largest PV research laboratory focused on developing the scientific research and technology required to position photovoltaics as a mainstream source of low-cost, reliable energy. He also served as the Division Manager of NREL’s Measurements and Characterization Group.  In this capacity, he managed more than 50 technical staff providing R&D and state-of-the-art surface analysis, electro-optical characterization, analytical microscopy, and standardized cell/module measurements for the photovoltaic community. He has also served as Group Leader of the CdTe thin-film program, developing high-performance, transparent conducting oxides and polycrystalline CdS/CdTe materials for photovoltaic device applications. He has held Senior and Staff Scientist positions in the III-V Device Development Group, investigating the properties of materials and devices grown by molecular-beam epitaxy, including studying growth, nucleation, and electro-optical properties of lattice-mismatched semiconductors (III-Vs on Si) and the properties of interfaces grown by atomic layer epitaxy. Peter has been a member of AVS since 1979 and has held numerous positions on both local and national levels.  His more than 35 years of service to AVS began as Program Vice-Chair for the 1982 AVS National Symposium in Baltimore, Maryland. He served as Director, Rocky Mountain Chapter (1988-1990) and Program Co-Chair (1983).  Peter served as Technical Director of the National AVS Short Course Executive Committee (1990-1993).  As Technical Director, he scheduled more than 150 courses each year throughout the country and was instrumental in identifying and developing new courses and instructors to meet the needs of the industrial and scientific communities. He was Local Arrangements Chair for the National Symposia held in Denver in 1994 and 2002. Peter served on the JVST Publications Committee (1996-2002) and has served on the American Institute of Physics (AIP) Committee on Publishing Policy (1997-2005).  He was also responsible for developing and implementing the AVS web-based Buyers Guide and Reference Guide (1997-2001). Peter has served twice on AVS Long-Range Planning Committees (1997 and 2003). He has served as a committee member of the Manufacturing Science and Technology Technical Group (2008-2010) and has been active in the organization of the AVS 5K Run from its inception in 1981 through 2012.  More recently, Peter served as an AVS Trustee (2013-2014) and Chair of the AVS Trustees in 2015. He is currently serving on the board as an AVS Director (2016-2017). He also served as Director two previous terms (in 1998-1999 and 2006-2008). He was named a Fellow of the AVS in 2001.