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2D Student Travel Award (2D) Focus Topic

A limited number of $500 Travel Awards are available to cover partial travel costs. To apply, participants should fill out an application and request a letter of recommendation from their supervisor.
  • Only current students will be considered for a Travel Award. Applicants for a Travel Award must additionally request a letter of support from their supervisor. 
  • Both this form and letter of support (if applicable) should be sent to Ivan Oleynik ( with the subject line “2D FT + Your Name”. Deadline for submission is May 15th, 2017.
Expected  graduation year:      
I understand that if I am chosen for a travel award, I will have to furnish University of South Florida with a W9 tax form and that awards will be issued to the recipients in the form of a check AT the conference and not before.
I understand that if I am chosen for a travel award, that award is considered taxable income.
Abstract: – Attach a PDF file of the abstract you submitted to the AVS 64 Symposium, which includes abstract  number assigned upon submission