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Nomination Procedures for Professional Awards:

The following steps are a generic guideline for preparing a nomination package:
  1. Review the descriptions, qualifications and selection criteria for various awards and select the award for which you are submitting a nomination package.
  2. Examine the PDF summary of the nomination fields and questions and required support information for the specific award for which a nomination is being prepared.*
  3. Answer all of the questions about the nominee in relation to the award criteria on the online submission site under each of the tabs.
  4. After entering the required information in each tab, the nominator must also upload the following supporting documents to complete the package:
  • 3 supporting letters referencing the above criteria (For Fellow – letter writers must be current AVS Members) 2 pages maximum (font 11 or higher)
  • CV* (PDF Format) which should include education, employment history professional recognition and awards. 5 pages maximum
  • Full list of Publications, Patents, and Invited Talks *(PDF)
*It can be effective (not required) to organize the CV and Publication list to highlight topics or areas particularly relevant to the nomination.

All material must be uploaded by the deadline of March 31 at 12:00 PM (Midnight) ET. It is the nominator’s responsibility to ensure that all supporting letters and required documents are uploaded by this deadline. No extensions will be granted.

Professional Awards are judged based upon the following criteria:

  • Scientific Impact to Fields of Interest to AVS, including contributions to education, training, management of science 
  • Collective Quality of letters 
  • Appropriateness to Award Criteria 
  • Professional Service and Contributions to Scientific Community, especially AVS 

Nomination Procedures for National Student Awards:

  1. Examine the PDF description of the award requirements and summary of the web-based nomination fields, questions and required support information.*
  2. The student or a nominator must completely answer all of the questions on the online submission site under each of the tabs.
  3. Student Division/Group Awards require separate applications (one for National, one for the Division); you may use the ‘copy’ feature to create a copy of your entries.
  4. After entering the required information in each tab, the following supporting documents must be uploaded to complete the package:
  • A CV (PDF Format) for the student which should include education and employment history with dates, research interests, professional service and outreach, and recognition and awards. 2 pages maximum
  • The abstract (PDF Format) submitted to the 66th (2019) AVS International Symposium and Exhibition for which the student is the presenter.
  • Your advisor will need to complete the required nomination form on line by the submission deadline. Students: Please give  this RECOMMENDATION GUIDELINE (PDF) to your advisor.  Please provide your advisor with your login details.
All material must be uploaded by May 1, 2019 at 12:00 PM (Midnight) ET. It is the responsibility of the student/nominator to ensure that all documents are uploaded and that all questions are answered by this deadline.  No extensions will be granted.

Nomination for National Student awards are judged based upon the following criteria:

  • Research Contributions ‐ Body of Work, Quality, and Impact
  • Quality of Recommendation 
  • Publications and Presentations 
  • Professional Service and Recognition
  • Quality of AVS 65 Abstract
* word versions are available by contacting Angela Klink (

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