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Equipment Exhibition

The NCCAVS sponsors an Annual Equipment Exhibition to showcase products and services of companies supporting vacuum-related industries. Attracting approximately 100+ exhibitors and ~700 attendees, the NCCAVS Annual Equipment Exhibition is the largest sponsored by any AVS Chapter.

NCCAVS 40th Annual Equipment Exhibition 
February 21, 2019
Holiday Inn San Jose Airport
1350 N. 1st Street
San Jose, California
  • Exhibitor List - TBD

Held In Conjunction with:
  • NCCAVS 2019 Technical Symposium – Call for Abstracts, Click here!
    Submission Deadline: Nov. 2, 2018
  • NCCAVS 8th Annual Student Poster Session - Call for Papers details coming soon!
NCCAVS 2019 Technical Symposium - Confirmed Speakers/Talks
  • JR Gaines, Kurt J. Lesker, "Solid-state Thin Film Batteries take a page out of the 3D transistor play books"
  • Dave Sopchak, Coulombic, Inc., "Advances and Challenges with Rechargeable Lithium-Air batteries"
  • Prasad N. Gadgil, Atomic Precision Systems Inc., "How to Make Manufacturing of LEDs Truly Green"
  • Jim Cushing or Subra Herle, AMAT, "Current state of the art Li-ion batteries, then talk about next generation technologies – Si-Gr, Li Metal Anode, Solid State Batteries, and possibly Li-Sulphur"
  • Naoki Matsumura, Intel, "Peak power impact on battery cycle life"
  • David Graves, UC Berkeley, "Tribute to John Coburn"
  • Robert Andosca, Advanced Energy, "Piezoelectric energy harvesting"
  • Jared Schwede, Spark Thermionics, "Directly converting heat to electricity using compact, microfabricated thermionic devices"
  • Debbie Senesky / Xlab, Stanford, "Graphene-GaN UV Photodetector Arrays for Sun Sensing, or related topic"

NCCAVS February 24, 2016 Joint User Group Symposium Abstract Book and Exhibit Guide

(for presentation details please visit and go to any of the User Group “Proceedings” webpages)

AVS International Symposium & Exhibition

AVS 66th International Symposium & Exhibition
October 20-25, 2019
Columbus, OH