New England Chapter - Officers/Contacts

Your Society in New England for Analytical Technologies, Instrumentation, Optical, Electrical and Biomaterials


Chair (ExC)
Bill Trotter Jr.
Ph: 603-973-3977
E-mail: bill_trotter @

Vice-Chair (ExC)
Michael Connors
Ph: 781-981-4477
E-mail: michael_connors @

Treasurer (ExC)
Dick Jacobs
Ph: 978-738-3542(w)
       978-934-3796 (c)
E-mail: richard_jacobs @

Secretary (ExC)
James Whitten
Ph: 978-934-3666
E-mail: james_whitten @

AVSNE Chapter Administrator
Cheryl Santarelli
Ph: 603-568-7473 (c)
E-mail: cheryl_santarelli @

Dinner Co-Chair
Jacques LaBrosse
Ph: 978-738-3013
E-mail: jacques_labrosse @

Dinner Co-Chair
Steve Vitale
Ph: 781-981-7896
E-mail: steven.vitale @   

iMAPS Contact
Harvey Smith, iMAPS/NE
Ph: 508-699-4767
E-mail: harveys @

Vendor/iMAPS Contact
Mike Gervais
Ph: 800-228-4653
E-mail: mike @

Vendor Contact
Dennis Clark
Ph: 508-215-6793
E-mail: dennisc @

Vendor Outreach
Ravi Rastogi
Ph: 978-553-4146
E-mail: rsrastogi @

Vendor Outreach Co-Chair
Doug Taylor
Ph: 508-328-5193
E-mail: doug.taylor @

Symposium Technical Session Chair
Jim Whitten
Ph: 978-934-3666
E-mail: james_whitten @

Education & Academic Outreach Chair
Earl Ada
Ph: 978-934-3796
E-mail: earl_ada @

Short Course Chair
Robert A. Childs
Ph: 617-331-2072
E-mail: bob_childs @

AVS/SEW Education Committee Science Educators’ Workshop
Jim Solomon
Ph: 937-882-1265
E-mail: james_solomon @

UMass Lowell Inn and Conference Center
c/o Kathleen Tormey    
Ph: 978-934-6916
E-mail: Tormey-Kathleen @

Society of Applied Spectroscopy/NESAS
c/o Ellen Miseo (Secretary-2015)
E-mail: ellen.miseo @

AVS National Office
Della Miller, Symposium Marketing
Ph: 530-896-0477
E-mail: della @

Heather Korff, Short Courses
E-mail: heather @

Keith Mitchell, IT Web
E-mail: keith @

Yvonne Towse, Managing Director
Ph: 212-248-0200 x222
E-mail: yvonne @

Angela Klink, Membership Services Coordinator
E-mail: angela @