MIND - Meetings & Symposia

AVS 62nd International Symposium & Exhibition

November 18-23, 2015, San Jose, California

The Magnetic Interfaces and Nanostructures Division (MI) program features pioneering, controversial, introductory and emerging results in topical areas related to magnetic interfaces and nanostructures. The 2015 MI program topics include: (1) Interfacial Effects in Oxide Heterostructures; (2) Spin current and dynamics; (3) Unconventional spin textures; and (4) Hybrid magnetic structures. In addition, we plan to have a special session about Magnetics Industry & Moore with invited speakers from industry. The 2015 program highlights electron spin related phenomena at the crossroad of basic and applied science. MI also organizes a panel discussion on current trends and future directions of magnetism research to assist MI in identifying the most pressing topics in its areas of interest.

The Magnetic Interfaces and Nanostructures Division will be selecting the best graduate student presentation from finalists for the Leo Falicov Award. MI will also offer an award for postdoctoral fellows who will be presenting papers at this year’s International Symposium. The winner of both awards will be announced towards the end of the meeting.

Technical Programs

The MIND supports advances in magnetic interfaces and nanostructures through sessions, tutorials and topical conferences at the annual AVS International Symposium and Exhibition, and through a number of cosponsored topical conferences throughout the year.

Depending on the theme of a particular session at the International Symposium, it can be jointly organized by the MIND and other divisions with overlapping interests.

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