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Vacuum Technology Division Early Career Award

The VTD Early Career Award strives to recognize outstanding experimental and/or theoretical work related to vacuum science and technology by a scientist or engineer early in their career.  The contributions can be directly in the field of vacuum science such as vacuum metrology and measurement, gas dynamics, or designing vacuum equipment, or to related fields such as gas analysis or surface science for accelerator applications. The nominee does not have to be a current member of the AVS.  To be eligible, the nominee must meet AT LEAST ONE of the following three criteria: The nominee is not older than thirty-six (36) years of age during of the year in which the award is made; the nominee is within 10 years of their undergraduate degree or 5 years of their graduate degree during the year which the award is made; or the nominee holds an early career membership in the AVS.  Final eligibility will be subject to the judgment of the VTD Early-Career sub-committee. The award consists of an $800 cash award and a certificate setting forth the reasons for the award.  The awardee is expected to give an invited talk in one of the VTD sessions at the AVS National Symposium during the year in which the award is given.  To be considered for this award please submit: 1) A nomination letter, not more than 2 pages long, that cites at least one major contribution or significant accomplishment, which should be summarized in three sentences or less and supported by publications, presentations, patents, or other evidence included in the nomination package; 2) A curriculum vitae including a short (one paragraph) biography; 3) at least (1) one letter of recommendation.  A phone or web interview with candidates may also be requested. Self-nominations are acceptable. Application materials or questions should be sent by email to James Fedchak (james.fedchak@nist.gov). Deadline: April 2, 2019.

Recent Winners of the VTD Early Career Award

Vacuum Technology Division Student Poster Competition

Vacuum Technology Division Student Poster Competition – Known as the “Student-Built Vacuum System Competition (alias - Junkyard Wars of Vacuum Technology)," this is a competition for student posters that describe the design, development, and/or use of “student-built vacuum systems.” Although these types of vacuum systems may not represent state-of-the-art technology, they often reflect ingenious designs that are guided by unique functionality, and/or are constrained by limited resources. Competitive submissions are expected to reveal inspired and/or cost-effective solutions to real-world issues encountered in typical vacuum system designs. The competition is open to any student who has built a vacuum system for any research purpose. The resulting research project, whether complete or not, should be presented along with the vacuum challenges that have been undertaken. The posters will be judged during the poster session and cash prizes of up to $500 will be awarded to the winners of the competition. The application deadline for entering the competition is the same as the abstract deadline which is May 1, 2019. Students desiring to enter the competition should submit the poster abstract and application directly in the awards submission site and submit the abstract to the VTD poster abstracts call.  Inquiry may be directed to the VTD Student Award Coordinator, Dr. James Fedchak (james.fedchak@nist.gov).

Recent Winners of the VTD Student Competition

Vacuum Technology Division (VTD) Student Presenter Award

Vacuum Technology Division (VTD) Student Presenter Award:  This Award is given at the annual AVS International Symposium to encourage students to present their research work in the VTD sessions during the Symposium.  To qualify for the award, the applicants must be a full-time student (graduate or undergraduate) at an accredited educational or/and research institute.  Candidate students shall submit an abstract the annual AVS International Symposium & Exhibition for an oral presentation in vacuum technology. The student must submit an abstract that meets the requirements and deadlines, and must be the presenter (16-minute talk + 4-minute Q&A) at the AVS Symposium.  A panel will judge the student presenters, and the awardee will be selected based on the quality of the presented works (with emphasis on his/her contribution to the presented works) and on the presentation, itself.  The VTD Student Presenter award consists of a certificate and a cash prize.  The application may be done by going to awards submission site.  Inquiry may be directed to the VTD Student Coordinator, Dr. James Fedchak (james.fedchak@nist.gov).  Deadline is May 1, 2019.
Recent Winners of the VTD Student Competition

JVST Shop Note Award

The Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology publishes short “how to do it” articles called Shop Notes. Each year the VTD gives one or more awards for the best Shop Notes that appear in JVST A and JVST B.

A Shop Note should be written and illustrated so that the reader may easily follow whatever instruction or advice is being given. An abstract is not required for a Shop Note. Click here for instructions on submitting a Shop Note.

Chair of the Shop Note award sub-committee is Yulin Li. Judges are Yulin Li (chair), Martin W├╝est, Steve Borichevsky and Yevgeniy Lushtak.
Recent Winners of the VTD Shop Note Award