Short Course Catalog

Taught by industry professionals, AVS Short courses offer training for technicians, scientists, and engineers in three broad categories:

Vacuum and Equipment Technology— Topics related to vacuum and processing equipment design, operation, and maintenance.

Materials and Interface Characterization— Topics covering chemical, physical, and electrical characterization of films, surfaces, particles, and interfaces.

Materials Processing— Topics covering materials processing, modification, and integration.

Courses that are part of our regularly scheduled    3-4 offerings a year are noted below.
Alternatively, many AVS courses can be customized through our Onsite Short Courses  program and taught at your facility.
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Vacuum and Equipment Technology

Topics related to vacuum and processing equipment design, operation, & maintenance
Comprehensive Technology Overviews
An Overview of Applied Vacuum Technology
Fundamentals of Vacuum Technology
Gauging & Flow Control
Analysis of Mass Spectrometer (RGA) Spectra
Partial Pressure Analysis with Residual Gas Analyzers
Total Pressure Gauging Techniques
Vacuum and Cryogen Safety
System & Pump Operation
Controlling Contamination in Vacuum Systems
Cryopump Technology
Operation & Maintenance of Vacuum Pumping Systems
Vacuum System Leak Detection and Basic Troubleshooting
Vacuum Pumps
System & Vessel Design
UHV Design and Practices
Vacuum Sealing and Joining Techniques
Vacuum System Design
Vacuum Vessel Engineering

Materials Characterization

Topics Covering chemical, physical, & electrical characterization of films, surfaces, particles & interfaces
Characterization Techniques
A Comprehensive Course on Surface Analysis and Depth Profiling by X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (
Atomic Force and Scanning Tunneling Microscopy
Essentials of Accurate and Reliable Surface Analysis using X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS) an
Focused Ion Beams (FIB) and Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS)
Fundamentals of Semiconductor Characterization: Electrical and Optical Techniques
High Resolution X-ray Reflection and Diffraction Methods for Thin Film Characterization
Industrial Ion Sources
Introduction to Spectroscopic Ellipsometry
Introduction to Surface Analysis
Major Analytical Techniques other than XPS, AES, FIB, SIMS
Scanning Electron Microscopy and X-ray Microanalysis
Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry
Surface Analysis, Interface, and Thin Film Analysis: The Major Methods
Surface Characterization of Biomaterials
X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS): The Basics and Advanced Approaches and Applications

Materials Processing

Topics covering materials processing, modifications, & integration
Comprehensive Technology Overviews
Hard Coatings by PVD Methods
Thin Film Nucleation, Growth, and Microstructural Evolution
Transparent Conducting Oxides: Applications, Science, Fabrication, and Characterization
Processing & Equipment Technology
Adhesion and Stiction: Mechanisms, Measurement Techniques, and Methods for Reduction
An Introduction to Ion Beam Coating Deposition Techniques
An Introduction to Ion Sources: Principles and Techniques
Atomic Layer Deposition
Atomic Layer Deposition: Basic Principles, Characterizations, and Applications
Atomic Layer Etching
Atomic Layer Deposition: Fundamentals, Chemistry and Applications
Basics of Radio Frequency Technology
Chemical Mechanical Planarization for Microelectronics Manufacturing
Cleaning and Surface Conditioning Techniques for Integrated Circuit Manufacturing
CVD for Microelectronics
Evaporation for Thin Film Deposition
Ion Implantation: Fundamentals, Process Controls and Advanced Applications
Ion Implantation Processing
Photolithography Process in IC Production
Plasma and Ion Beam Diagnostics: Principles & Applications
Plasma-Enhanced CVD: Fundamentals, Techniques, and Applications
Plasma Etching and RIE: Fundamentals and Applications
Practice of Reactive Sputter Deposition
Reactive Sputtering and Deposition
Sputter Deposition
Surface Preparation for Thin Film Deposition
Thin Film Deposition by Sputter Processes
Process & Materials Integration
Introduction to Nanomanufacturing
Copper Interconnect Technology
Microfabrication Technology for MicroElectroMechanical Systems
Nanotribology and Nanomechanics and Applications to MEMS/NEMS and BioMEMS/BioNEMS
Photovoltaics: The Engineering, Technology and Application of Solar Cells (1 day)
Photovoltaics: The Engineering, Technology and Application of Solar Cells (2 days)
Semiconductor Device Manufacturing Overview