Short Course Catalog | Major Analytical Techniques other than XPS, AES, FIB, SIMS

Course: Major Analytical Techniques other than XPS, AES, FIB, SIMS

Course Objectives

  • Review the following techniques: SEM, EDS, TEM, STEM, EELS, AFM, RBS, LEISS, GDMS, ICPMS, Atom Probe, XRD, XRF, IR, Raman, Ellipsometry, Light Microscopy.

Course Description

This one day course is designed to complement the XPS/AES and FIB/SIMS courses taught as part of the comprehensive analytical methods offering. It is not intended to be offered by itself.
The techniques covered, instrumentation for which is either available commercially, or analysis is available through major commercial analytical laboratories, provide a range of information used to characterize a sample. For example, SEM, TEM, AFM cover morphology and EDS, RBS, GDMS, ICPMS provide elemental information. For each technique, the underlying physical principal is described as well as sample requirements and application examples.

Who Should Attend?

Scientists, engineers, technicians, and others who desire a practical, current understanding of XPS, AES, FIB, and SIMS and the other major surface and thin film techniques.


C.R. Brundle C.R. Brundle and Associates
Fred Stevie North Carolina State University, Senior Researcher

Course Materials

Course Notes

Cost: $690