Short Course Catalog | Transparent Conducting Oxides: Applications, Science, Fabrication, and Characterization

Course: Transparent Conducting Oxides: Applications, Science, Fabrication, and Characterization

Course Objectives

Learn the historical development and present applications of typical TCO films
Understand fundamental properties and science of TCOs
Learn deposition and processing of TCO Films
Learn characterization of TCO Films
Review new directions in TCO development

Course Description

The course is designed to provide the student with a foundational understanding of the development and use of typical transparent conducting oxide (TCO) films.  This will include a review of historical and present uses of TCOs, a review of the basic materials science that describes why TCO materials can be both optically transparent and electrically conducting, a review of typical TCO deposition methods, and discussion of both standard and advanced characterization methods.   The course will conclude with a review of some present research directions related to the development of new TCOs that may demonstrate benefits in certain present and future applications.  The course is intended to provide the student with the understanding needed to determine why certain TCOs are chosen for certain applications, as well as understanding needed to estimate the extent of resources (i.e., equipment, technical expertise, and financial) that may be required to undertake a research and/or commercial project involving the deposition of TCO films.

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