Short Course Catalog | Thin Film Deposition by Sputter Processes

Course: Thin Film Deposition by Sputter Processes

Course Objectives

  • Learn about sputtering.
  • Know the differences between magnetron, diode, and triode sputtering.
  • Learn about DC and RF systems.
  • Get an introduction to reactive sputtering.

Course Description

This course is a short, one-day version of the popular two-day AVS short course entitled Sputter Deposition. It is intended to provide an overview of sputtering and will prepare students for more advanced sputtering topics.

This course will also provide an understanding of how sputtering works by showing students the differences and similarities between the various sputtering methods, such as DC, RF, magnetron, diode, and triode sputtering. An overview of how process parameters affect the properties of the coatings and an introduction to reactive sputtering - which is being used more and more to deposit many different types of compound coatings such as nitrides, oxides, and carbides - will be provided.

Who Should Attend?

Scientists, managers, and technicians who want to learn more about sputtering.


William Sproul President, Reactive Sputtering, Inc.

Course Materials

Course Notes

Cost: $690.00