Short Course Catalog | Mass Flow Controllers: Fundamentals, Techniques, and Applications

Course: Mass Flow Controllers: Fundamentals, Techniques, and Applications

Course Objectives

  • Understand current mass flow controllers (MFCs) technology.
  • Learn calibration methods.
  • Know practical considerations for optimal performance.
  • Practice troubleshooting and diagnostics.

Course Description

Thermal MFCs are widely used for the precise delivery of materials into vacuum. These instruments are important in many processes in semiconductor fabrication, vacuum coating, and materials research.
This course presents a basic overview of thermal MFC technology, along with a discussion of calibration methods and practice. The course emphasizes practical topics, such as temperature effects, line pressure effects, attitude sensitivity, control stability, gas correction, materials, contamination, and electrical considerations. Procedures for troubleshooting MFCs are demonstrated, along with various diagnostic tools and in situ verification techniques.

Who Should Attend?

Scientists, engineers, technicians, and others who work with systems relying on repeatable, verifiable gas flow rates.


Luke Hinkle Consultant, Complex2Simple, Inc.

Course Materials

Course Notes

Cost: $690