Short Course Catalog | Process Specific Pumping Requirements and Design

Course: Process Specific Pumping Requirements and Design

Course Objectives

  • Become competent in selecting pumps and pump systems used in semiconductor etching and deposition processes.
  • Understand practical pumping requirements for specific processes.
  • Know how to select foreline and exhaust components for maximum uptime and reduced maintenance.
  • Know how to design an optimal pumping system for various processes.

Course Description

Vacuum processes frequently used in semiconductor device fabrication require specific pumping techniques, foreline components, pressure control, and maintenance regiments. This course provides a working knowledge to design a process specific pumping system. The general process categories emphasized in this course include epitaxial deposition (Epi), low-pressure chemical vapor deposition (LPCVD), plasma deposition, and plasma etching. The participants in this course will review the basic pumping objectives and challenges for each of these processes along with the strategies commonly implemented to achieve them. The participants will engage in practice examples of realistic scenarios to reinforce a "how-to" understanding of pumping system design.
Significant portion of the course will focus on practical design and maintenance issues including:
  1. An overview of available high vacuum pump technologies and their selection criteria for each process
  2. Suitable forepump technologies and sizing considerations for each process
  3. Design and selection of foreline and exhaust components such as valves, line heaters, filters, scrubbers, etc.
An overview of available high vacuum pump technologies and their selection criteria for each processIt is not the intent of this course to address safety issues or hazards.

Who Should Attend?

Engineers and technical personnel engaged in semiconductor system design, manufacturing improvement, and development.


Luke Hinkle Consultant, Complex2Simple, Inc.

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Course Notes

Cost: $690