Short Course Instructors | David Castner

David Castner

David Castner is the Director of the National ESCA and Surface Analysis Center for Biomedical Problems (NESAC/Bio), an NIH-funded instrumentation center at the University of Washington. His research is directed at determining, in detail, the composition, structure, spatial distribution, and orientation of surface species on biomaterials, thereby advancing our understanding of the relationship between the surface properties of a biomaterial and the biological reactions occurring on that material. Professor Castner received a B.S. in chemistry from Oregon State University in 1975 and a Ph.D. in physical chemistry from the University of California at Berkeley in 1979. Prior to joining the University of Washington in 1986, he spent seven years as a Research Chemist at Chevron Research Company applying surface analysis techniques to catalyst characterization. He has been involved in surface science research for 30 years and is an AVS Fellow and Biomaterials Science & Engineering Fellow. He has published more than 125 refereed papers and given more than 100 invited talks on the surface modification and analysis of materials.


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