Short Course Instructors | Gary McGuire

Gary McGuire

Gary McGuire is President of the International Technology Center, a non-profit research center located in Research Triangle Park, NC. He was formerly Director of Electronic Materials and Device Technology at MCNC. His responsibilities include the development and characterization of new materials and processes for novel semiconductor devices. He has done extensive research utilizing surface characterization techniques to investigate thin films and metallization schemes used in the microelectronics industry. He is Editor of the Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B, Series Editor for William-Andrews Publications, Materials Science and Process Technology series and Series Editor for Kluwer Academic Publishers, Optical and Photonic-based Materials and Devices series. He has served the AVS as the Electronic Materials and Processing Division Chair, and has been on the Board of Directors, the Board of Trustees, and the Long Range Planning Committee and served as President in 1997.


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