Short Course Instructors | John Frankenthaler

John Frankenthaler

John Frankenthaler has been a consultant for over 20 years on photolithography, materials, processes and alternative imaging strategies.  At Shipley Company (purchased by Rohm and Haas, DOW), he was directly involved with developing, manufacturing, and supporting commercial lithographic products.  Prior to this he was a member of the technical staff at Texas Instruments working on yield improvements.  Previous to that he held engineering positions at IBM focusing on new manufacturing technology.  His company, F&F ASSOCIATES consults on microelectronic and printed circuit chemicals, lithographic processes, materials and equipment. 

Mr. Frankenthaler earned a B.S. in engineering and chemistry from Stevens Institute of Technology, an M.S. in organic and analytical chemistry from MIT, and an M.E.A. from Syracuse University.


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