Short Course Instructors | Larry Stelmack

Larry Stelmack

Larry Stelmack has worked in thin-film deposition and surface engineering since 1973, for applications in optics, electronics, aerospace, communication, and biomedical engineering. Currently an Independent Technical Consultant, he conducts research on ion beam deposition of high-performance optical and protective coatings. He studied engineering, optics, and management at MIT, and has held technical positions with NASA, MIT, Litton, Acton Research, Commonwealth Scientific, Implant Sciences, and Epion Corporation. He has organized and taught courses on thin-film deposition, ion beam processing, and contamination control for the AVS, MIT, Northeastern University, and George Washington University since 1989, and conducts on-site technical training at a number of corporations. He serves as a consultant to industry and government on processes, equipment, specifications, and research proposals for several coating applications, including optical communication and extreme UV lithography. His interests include ion beam processing; optical coatings for visible, UV, infrared, soft X-ray, and neutron beam applications; diamondlike carbon and other durable coatings; substrate cleaning processes; and contamination control.


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