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Michael Current

Michael Current has been actively involved in ion beam processing, mainly ion implantation, and related metrologies for the last 40 years.  The focus of much of his work has been on the understanding and problem solving of process issues that develop from the design and operation conditions in ion beam and plasma implantation tools.  Specific process development projects range from the use of MeV ions for deep well doping, ROM programming and H-cut spitting for 3DIC stacking to measurements and controls of space-charge balance and wafer charging, ion beam purity and wafer contamination, metrologies for dose uniformity and repeatability, development of process and metrologies for defect engineering of damage accumulation and junctions leakage effects, and many others.  Recent work includes studies of atomic, molecular and cluster ion beams for implantation, deposition and etching of nano-scale and quantum confined materials and devices with atomic kinetic energies of 100 eV and less.
Following his Ph.D. in solid-state physics from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, he has worked as an Implant Process and Process Development Engineer, Technical Marketing Director and Senior Scientist for Silicon Valley companies (Signetics/Philips, Trilogy Systems, Xerox/PARC, Applied Materials, Frontier Semiconductor and a number of startups) as well as visiting and adjunct faculty positions at Cornell, Kyoto, Santa Clara and National Cheng Kung Universities.  Dr. Current has taught dozens of short courses on ion implantation and process metrologies as well as teaching at and co-coordinating the 3-day implant school that precedes the Ion Implantation Technology conference since 1982.  Dr. Current was the founding President of the Silicon Valley Implant Users Group (now the NCCAVS Junction Technology Users Group) and has written over 230 technical papers and book chapters.


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