Short Course Instructors | Neil Peacock

Neil Peacock

Neil Peacock is based in Colorado and has worked in the technical and engineering staffs at various vacuum component manufacturers from 1985-2015. His responsibilities have included the design, testing, characterization and calibration of high and ultra-high gauges.  Other duties have included overseeing the production of gauges and components from the vacuum science standpoint, as well as the design of vacuum test equipment and control software plus formulating production processes for manufacturing.  Other areas of expertise include materials technology, product design and reliability testing for mechanical vacuum components. He has presented invited and contributed papers at national and international meetings, has published in refereed journals and has written chapters on vacuum technology for scientific handbooks.  He is active in the AVS as a Short Course Instructor, and active in the Rocky Mountain Chapter of AVS. Mr. Peacock received a B.A. in physics from the University of Colorado and has been a member of the AVS since 1985.


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