Call For Abstracts - Special Sessions & Events

Biomaterials Plenary Session (BP)

The Biomaterials Interfaces program kicks off with the now traditional Biomaterials Plenary Session. This year we are pleased to have presentations from three eminent scientists who have made significant contributions to our field. Under the overarching AVS conference scheme "Surface, Interfaces and Materials - A new vision", the session "Engineering a paradigm shift in control of microbes and fouling" will bring together scientists to discuss current approaches in understanding and controlling microbial adhesion at interfaces. Michael Grunze has made substantial contributions in the field of protein and adhesion resistant interfaces. Through surface functionalization both, fundamental adhesion processes, hematocompatibility and antifouling funcitonalization were achieved. In particular recognized are the correlation of fundamental physical surface parameters and quantitative biological data as well as the application and the development of spectroscopic methods for in situ and in vivo investigations of biointerfaces and cells. Joanna Aizenberg has made substantial contributions in understanding basic principles of biological architectures and the economy with which biology solves complex problems. She uses biological principles as guidance in developing new, bio-inspired synthetic routes and nanofabrication strategies that lead to advanced materials and devices, with broad implications in fields ranging from architecture to energy efficiency to medicine. Among recent innovations are SLIPS coatings that provide non-toxic antifouling protection of surfaces. Morgan Alexander develops materials for application in biological environments, characterising relationships between the surface and biological response. Understanding these relationships is critical in the development of the biomaterials of the future and is the theme running through his group's work across a variety of biomedical application areas spanning bacterial adhesion to controlling stem cell response. Much progress has been made in discovering new biomaterials using a materials screening approach. The session will close with the opportunity for further discussions at our traditional Plenary Reception.

BP1 Plenary - Engineering a Paradigm Shift in Control of Microbes and Fouling
  • Joanna Aizenberg, Harvard University, “Say ‘No’ to Biofouling!”
  • Morgan Alexander, Nottingham University, UK, “Engineering Serendipity: High-Throughput Discovery of Materials That Resist Bacterial Attachment”
  • Michael Grunze, KIT, Germany, “Environmentally Friendly Artificial Non-Fouling Surfaces: Quo Vadis?”

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Exhibitor Technology Spotlight (EW)

Abstracts are solicited from AVS64 Exhibitors for presentations to symposium attendees during technical session breaks on exhibit days.  Papers submitted and material presented during the presentation must provide technical information and/or analysis using a specific exhibitor product, technique or service. The Exhibitor Technology Spotlight will emphasize: New instrumentation, products, services, techniques and/or new applications in research, industrial, manufacturing or processing; Technology transfer from R&D to manufacturing; Scale-up aspects and innovations in manufacturing practices; Technology/economic aspects and market impact of new and innovative scientific and/or engineering technologies. The 20 minute presentations will be held in stage area of the exhibit hall and will take place during symposium session breaks to ensure maximum attendance. Cost is $600 ($500 for Corporate Members). For space availability, contact Jeannette DeGennaro (

EW1    Exhibitor Technology Spotlight Session

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AVS Vendor Exhibit

The Exhibit comprises an extensive display of tools, equipment and services for Surface Science; Biomaterial Interfaces; Electronic Materials & Photonics; Magnetic Interfaces; Manufacturing Science; MEMS/NEMS; Nanoscience; Thin Film; Plasma Science; Vacuum Technology and professional literature, educational material, career services and publications from numerous publishers.  Each year, the technical symposium expands into new and exciting technical disciplines which bring new exhibitors showing new technology and research methods. The continuously expanding technical program consistently keeps our Symposium fresh and exciting for exhibitors and attendees alike.  The exhibits will be open from Tuesday morning until Thursday afternoon (October 31-November 2, 2017). Please contact for additional information. You may also review our website

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The History and Future of Materials, Surfaces and Interfaces

Please join us on Wednesday afternoon for the "History and Future of Materials,  Surfaces and Interfaces" session. This special all-invited session will kick off with Joe  Greene talking about "The History of Materials." Joe is the first  scientist to win the prestigious George Sarton Award for Science History given by the History of Science Society. We will then take a look at what's to come with talks given by the future stars of AVS.

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AVS Presentations on Demand

This  year we  are  inviting  all  Symposium  presenters  to submit their PowerPoint slides as a PDF for inclusion in the AVS Technical Library. All presenters will be contacted prior to the meeting with the instructions and deadlines. We hope you will consider participating in this exciting program!

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AVS Late Breaking Sessions

There will be opportunities for presentation of post-deadline discoveries in all fields relevant to the AVS membership. Submissions that address topics in surfaces, interfaces, films, nanometer-scale phenomena, emerging technologies, or new innovations. Abstracts will be solicited starting in mid-July for either (1) an individual 20 minute oral presentation, or (2) a poster presentation. Late Breaking Abstracts will be used to fill holes in the program and they must be submitted via the AVS website by Friday, August 25, 2017. Notification of acceptance/rejection will be made soon thereafter. Please check the AVS 64 ( website for details and submission guidelines in mid-July.

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AVS Short Courses

Short courses that offer specialized training in specific areas of vacuum science and related technologies will be offered all week, commencing on Monday, October 30, 2017. Registration and additional details will be posted on the AVS website in early July.

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AVS Sponsorship Program

AVS is a not-for-profit Society that offers a myriad of services, programs and events related to science and technology in the fields of vacuum, materials, interfaces and processing to scientists and engineers from around the world. An extensive recognition and exposure program, which is active before and during the Symposium, is available to our Symposium Sponsors.  As a Symposium Sponsor, your logo will appear on the AVS website, in the Technical/Exhibitor Program, on signage and slide shows at the Symposium. The earlier you commit to AVS Symposium Sponsorship, the greater exposure you will receive. To learn more about Sponsorship opportunities, please contact  Jeannette DeGennaro at 212-248-0200 ext. 229 or or Yvonne Towse at 212-248-0200 ext. 222 or
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