AVS Diversity and Inclusion Breakfast

"The Science of Team Science"

Tuesday, October 31, 7:00-9:00 AM
AVS Member Center, Room 18 
Tampa Convention Center

What makes for successful research teams? Can collaboration be encouraged and enhanced? What can evidence-based research provide us in forming more effective teams?  One attribute linked to team success is the percentage of women on the team. Successful teams often have higher percentages of women. Two other factors found to be important are high “social sensitivity” and “even turn taking” among group members.
Come join Dr. Ellen Fisher and Dr. Jeni Cross who will discuss what they have learned working with a cross disciplinary group consisting of two sociologists, an engineer, a statistician, and a chemist to improve the effectiveness of research teams at Colorado State University.  They will present an interactive program focused on recent research results and proactive and practical steps to help you create and nurture research teams.
Dr. Ellen Fisher, is a Professor of Chemistry and the Director of the School of Advanced Materials Discovery at Colorado State University.  Her research interests span a wide range of topics including optical diagnostics, plasma science, and materials development across several technology sectors, as well as responsible conduct of research and the science of team science.  Current projects include nanostructured gas sensors, 3D antimicrobial materials for biomedical and environmental applications, and the fundamental science behind plasma-assisted catalysis.
Dr. Jeni Cross, is a Professor of Sociology at Colorado State University.  Her research interests include community attachment/sense of place, land use and conservation, sustainability, inter-agency collaboration, social networks, and social norms. Her current projects include research on land conservation decision-making, the built environment, energy conservation and sustainability in public schools as well as the science of team science.

This Event is open to ALL Symposium attendees. The registration fee is $25 and may be purchased with your Symposium registration.

Pre-Registration is Required; there will be no Onsite Registration available for this Event.


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