Member Center: Diversity and Inclusion

   9:00 a.m.
Diversity and Inclusion – “Inclusion and Diversity at the Workplace: Your Suggestions for Best Practices” (Room A111-112)
Moderators: Talat Rahman, University of Central Florida

Attend this highly interactive one-hour session to hear from various speakers on how diversity and inclusion is in the workplace.  We will start with a speaker who will lead the discussion on this topic and then we will break off into round tables with a speaker at each table to facilitate a 20 minute discussion. Afterward each table will present their suggestions followed by a group discussion. Speakers and table participants include:

  • Pat Thiel, Iowa State University
  • Stefan Zollner, New Mexico State University
  • Mauro Sardela, University of Illinois
  • Talat Rahman, University of Central Florida
  • Sean Jones, NSF
  • Michael Williams, Clark Atlanta University
  • Erica Douglas, Sandia National Labs.