Member Center: Professional Development

12:15 p.m. Professional Development-“Welcome to AVS Overview” *Lunch (Room 18)
Moderator: Charles Eddy, Naval Research Lab and AVS President

Ever wonder about the mission and vision of AVS? Want to know how to get involved? Would you like to hear from AVS members and leaders? Then, come learn about the benefits and opportunities of YOUR newest Professional Society! This “Welcome to AVS!” event will introduce you to the mission, vision and organization of AVS as well as highlight its major activities through roundtable interval discussions. Table topics include:

Table 1: Membership: Dave Surman                    
Table 2: Education: Tim Gessert                           
Table 3: Publishing: Eray Aydil                             
Table 4: Professional Development: Susan Burkett
Table 5: Symposia and Conferences: Jim Fitz-Gerald
Table 6: Chapters Divisions and Groups: Vin Smentkowski

*Lunch While Supplies Last
3:40 p.m. Professional Development-Student/Young Scientist Meet and Greet with Plenary Lecturer, Paul S. Weiss, Distinguished Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry and of Materials Science & Engineering, UCLA (Room 18)
Moderator: Amy Walker, Univ. of Texas Dallas and AVS 64 Program Chair

Have you ever wondered how to choose a problem and put all the resources together to solve it? Do you know how to make your next career move? Have you wondered what it is like to be the editor of a major journal? Please join us for a “Meet & Greet” with Prof. Paul Weiss, this year’s Plenary Speaker, to talk about these questions and many more!


12:30 p.m. Professional Development-Job Information Forum and *Lunch (Room 18)

Moderators: Heather Canavan, Univ. of New Mexico and Jeffrey Fenton, Medtronic

Panelists come from various sectors to share their career paths and will give attendees advice as well as comment on opportunities for professional development, promotion, etc. Speakers include:
  • Erica A. Douglas, Principal Member of Technical Staff, Microsystems Science, Technology and Components, Sandia National Laboratories
  •  Nick Carroll, Associate Professor, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering
  • Univ. of New Mexico
  • Shalini Gupta, Fellow Engineer and R&D Program Manager, Northrup Grumman Corporation
*Lunch While Supplies Last
3:40 p.m. Professional Development-Speed Networking for Young Professionals (Room 18)
Moderator: Angela Klink, AVS Member Services Administrator

Come join us for a fun networking event where you will make connections, build new relationships and mix and mingle with other young professionals in a structured group environment. During this meet up you will rotate from table to table and discuss your technical interests. After the initial meet and greet you will have the opportunity to network with those who have similar interests or career paths. Don’t miss out on this chance to connect with your peers. Speakers include:

  • Erica Douglas, Sandia National Laboratories (Government)
  • Caitlin Howell, University of Maine (Academia)
  • Jessica Hilton RHK Technology, Inc. (Industry)
  • Jason Kawasaki Univ. of Wisconsin (Academia)

6:45 p.m. Professional Development-Electronic Materials and Photonics Division Forum:
“Careers at LAM Research” (Room 18)

Moderator: Shalini Gupta, PhD, Fellow Engineer and R&D Program Manager, Northrup Grumman Corporation

This Forum will provide an open dialogue between an industrial liaison and young scientists and engineers. Thorsten Lill, LAM Research, VP of Etch Products, will describe Lam Research Corporation, its technical thrusts as well as challenges, its products, future directions, and career opportunities.


12:30 p.m. Professional Development-Federal Funding Town Hall and *Lunch (Room 18)
Moderator: Sean Jones, National Science Foundation

Come join us for a Town Hall discussion of some of the changes occurring at our federal agencies. Agency representatives will provide insight into research priorities and current issues, and will then field questions from the audience. You will hear from the below listed speakers who will share their perspective on the current funding climate and compare it to previous years.

  • Tomasz Durakiewicz, Program Director, Division of Materials Research (DMR),National Science Foundation (NSF)
  • David Rampulla, Program Director, National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (NIBIB), National Institutes of Health (NIH)
*Lunch While Supplies Last


12:30 p.m. Professional Development-*Lunch with the Editors: AVS Writer’s Workshop (Room 18)
Moderator: Susan L. Burkett, The Univ. of Alabama

This session is intended for anyone interested in how the peer-review technical publication process works. Journal editors will talk to you about what they look for in a quality manuscript submission, the peer-review process, and an average time frame from manuscript submission to article in press. This could give you an edge in getting published. Speakers include:

  • Eray Aydil, Editor-in-Chief of AVS Journals
  • Anna Belu, Editor, Biointerphases
  • Phil Szuromi, Senior Editor of Science
*Lunch While Supplies Last
2:20 p.m. Professional Development-Working with National Labs and User Facilities (Room 18)
Moderators: Bridget Rogers, Vanderbilt Univ. and Mikel “Micky” Holcomb, West Virginia Univ.

Researchers at government labs perform cutting edge research with really cool tools. Have you ever wondered how you might be able to work with these researchers and tools? What facilities are available that might help you with your research? What are the costs associated with using these facilities? Come to this session to learn the answers to these and many more questions. Representatives from Government Labs and User Facilities will give 20-minute presentations about research at their labs, their capabilities, facilities, and how to gain access to them. A panel discussion featuring all the presenters follows the individual presentations. Interactions will continue at the Thursday Poster session where attendees can engage in extended discussions with the presenters at their posters. 

  • Tackling Fundamental and Applied Problems Using EMSL Capabilities- Examples of Applying Surface and Interface Sensitive Tools to Biological Systems, C.R. Anderton, D.R. Baer, M.H Engelhard, S. Lea, Pacific Northwest National Lab
  • Opportunities for Users at the Center for Nanoscale Materials, K. Carrado Gregar, Argonne National Lab
  • The CNST NanoFab at NIST: Nanofabrication for US Commerce, V.K. Luciani, C. Zhang, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology
  • Research Opportunities at the Cornell NanoScale Science and Technology Facility, M. Skvarla,Cornell NanoScale Science and Technology Facility
  •  SHyNE- Allowing Users to Leverage $800 Million in Nanotechnology Research, Education, Infrastructure & Facilities at Northwestern and the Univ. of Chicago, P. Duda, Univ. of Chicago,B. Meyers, Northwestern Univ.
  • Science Opportunities with Soft X-Rays for Users at the Advanced Light Sources, Z. Hussain,Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
  • Research Opportunities and How to Become a User at the Center for Functional Nanomaterials,S. Tenney, Brookhaven National Lab
  • Opportunities at the Center for Nanophase Materials Sciences, A.P. Baddorf, Oak Ridge National Lab
  • Research Opportunities at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, E. Palm, National High Magnetic Field Lab
  • Panel Discussion