Awards & Recognition

Recognition of outstanding scientific research and technological innovation is an important activity within AVS. Through our awards program, the Society recognizes and honors a wide range of extraordinary accomplishments vital to progress in fields of interest to AVS. Selection for an AVS award is a reflection of contributions judged exceptional by the AVS Trustees who are elected by the AVS membership.

Nominations for AVS Awards in categories identified as Professional, Technical, Society Honors or National Students Awards are reviewed each year by the AVS Awards Committee, which recommends awardees to the Board of 
Directors. In the event that an insufficient number of nominations has been received for a particular award, the Committee may elect to make no recommendation. Other awards are made by the relevant division or group.  All AVS awards are made without regard to race, sex, or nationality, with the exception of the Nellie Yeoh Whetten Award, which is gender-based.
Awards given by AVS are offered to recognize outstanding individual accomplishments in fields of interest to the Society. AVS awards are presented annually with the exception of the Gaede-Langmuir Award and the John A. Thornton Award, which are biennial: the Gaede-Langmuir Award in even-numbered years and the John A. Thornton Award in odd-numbered years. Nominations remain active for the following number of years: Medard W. Welch three (3) years; Peter Mark while the nominee is eligible. Gaede-Langmuir and John A. Thornton Memorial Awards four (4) years. Fellow two (2) years.  Re-nominations require a completely new submission.  

Nomination Procedures

AVS Award nominations are submitted using a web based system--before starting a nomination please review the following links/documents:

Past Professional Awards 

Technical Award

Society Honors

Division/Group Professional Awards
  Focus Topic Awards

National Student Awards

Division/Group Student Awards
  AVS Recognition
  IUVSTA Scholarships